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Trips and excursions

It is strongly recommended to wear suitable footwear for all excursions (comfortable walking shoes, sneakers).

FT 3 – Mushroom picking trip (field mycology)

Field mycology is a traditional mycological area in the Czech Republic and mushroom picking in the country is a very popular hobby. We are offering a whole-day mushroom picking trip. As mushroom growth much depends on weather conditions, we will try to find a promising destination. In any case, be prepared for a probably long travel by bus and some hiking at one or more places. Preferably, we would like to show you pond banks and forests in South Bohemia. Summer time is a time of Boletes. The Nature Reserve at the pond Luční, protected since 1988, is the most famous mushroom reservation in the Czech Republic. More than 400 mushroom species have been reported from the pond bank, including rare Boletes like Rubroboletus legaliae, Imperator rhodopurpureus, Butyriboletus fuscoroseus, and Aureoboletus gentilis. The mushroom samples are thoroughly monitored at the site and usually marked with name indicating labels.

Changing the program and destination depends on weather conditions and mushroom growth at the preferred sites.

• start 07:30, registration desk (Clarion Congress hotel)
• duration 8 hours
• difficulty medium
• price 60 EUR/pp
• minimum 10 persons in group

Luční Nature Reserve (photo by Martin Kříž,

Rubroboletus legaliae (photo by Jan Borovička)

Boletus reticulatus (photo by Jan Borovička)


FT 4 – Castle Orlík – Boat Trip – Castle Zvíkov

Do you know that to make way for the construction of the dam, two villages were flooded and submerged? You will visit this dam with the castle with the same name and is owned by the noble family of Schwarzenbergs. After the tour of castle and lunch you can relax during the river cruise. Boat will take you to village Zvíkov, well-known for castle, where you can join the castle tour.

• start 08:30, registration desk (Clarion Congress hotel)
• duration 10 hours
• difficulty easy
• price 100 EUR/pp
• minimum 15 persons in group

Price includes: transfers, English speaking guide, boat trip, entrance fees, lunch


FT 6 – Prague Castle and Jewish Quarter

Did you know that the Prague Castle holds the Guinness world record for largest castle complex in the world? In more historic news, these buildings have also housed kings, Holy Roman emperors and, since 1918, Czech presidents. This tour begins with an air-conditioned bus ride from the city centre where our professional guide will share the history of some of Prague's most famous attractions. You will visit St. Vitus Cathedral, Royal Palace and Vladislav Hall to the Roman Basilica of St. George. You will also get panoramic views of the Prague skyline from multiple locations on the castle grounds. Next, you will explore Jewish Quarter. Prague's Jewish Quarter, also known as Josefov or "Joseph's Town" is one of the most well-preserved in all of Central Europe. You will visit “Old-New Synagogue”, which is the longest-standing in all of Central Europe or Jewish Cemetery.

• start 09:00, registration desk (Clarion Congress hotel)
• duration 9 hours
• difficulty easy
• price 80 EUR/pp
• minimum 15 persons in group

Price includes: transfers, English speaking guide, entrance fees, lunch


FT 8 – Czech-Saxon Switzerland and Town Děčín

You don’t have to travel throughout Europe to find a magical place for your vacation. You can find it right here in the Czech Republic. Wonderful scenery with spectacular rock formations, narrow passes, view towers and mesas that stretch right up to the German boarder await your discovery. Walking through the countryside you can find Pravčická gate, the largest rock bridge in Europe and many beautiful rocky viewpoints that tower up to the tree tops. After exploring of Czech-Saxon Switzerland you will move to the town Děčín. There you will have a lunch and visit of Děčín Castle.

• start 08:00, registration desk (Clarion Congress hotel)
• duration 10 hours
• difficulty hard
• price 85 EUR/pp
• minimum 15 persons in group

Price includes: transfers, English speaking guide, entrance fees, lunch


FT 9 – Křivoklát – Český Kras

Morning: Castle Křivoklát with short visit of mesophilous forests with view on Berounka River valley

Afternoon: Dry calcareous grasslands and thermophilous oak-hornbeam forests in the Český Kras Landscape Protected Area. The journey is in short (2 km) variant as only circle from Svatý Jan pod Skalou on the tophill Skála with nice view on valley with medieval monastery. The longer journey (4-5 km) is from Hostim-Beroun via Propadlé vody and Solvay quarry to Sv. Jan pod Skalou (map). The long journey takes about 2-3 hours. Hiking shoes and outdoor clothing including a sun protecting cap recommended.

• DEPARTURE WAS CHANGED TO 08:00, registration desk (Clarion Congress hotel) 
• duration 9 hours
• difficulty medium
• price 65 EUR/pp
• minimum 10 persons in group

Price includes: transfers, English speaking guide, entrance fees, lunch


The following tours were canceled due to the low participation:

FT 1 – Mining Safari and Town Louny

FT 2 – Terezín Memorial and Towns Litoměřice, Třebenice, Libochovice

FT 5 – Kutná Hora – Sedlec – Kačina

FT 7 – Průhonice park – UNESCO site

FT 10 – Konopiště Castle


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