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Scientific Program


A PDF version available here.


Plenary sessions

  1. Establishing and maintaining mycorrhizas: the molecular interplay

chair: Paola Bonfante
keynote lecture: Maria Harrison
confirmed speakers: Caroline Gutjahr, Jonathan Plett, Uwe Nehls, Pierre-Emmanuel Courty, Alga Zuccaro

  2. Diversity and biogeography of mycorrhizal symbioses

chair: Dirk Redecker
keynote lecture: Leho Tedersoo
confirmed speakers: Colin Averill, Gijsbert Werner, Hirokazu Toju, Ian Dickie, Katie Field, Mari Moora

  3. Belowground diversity and ecosystem functioning

chair: Nancy C. Johnson
keynote lecture: Marcel van der Heijden
confirmed speakers: Karina Clemmensen, Dave Johnson, Melissa McCormick, Carla Cruz Paredes, Jonathan Bennett, Stephanie Watts-Williams

  4. Genomics for understanding mycorrhizal evolution and ecology

chair: Ian R. Sanders
keynote lecture: Francis Martin
confirmed speakers: Nicolas Corradi, Christophe Roux, Laszlo Nagy, Martina Peter, Elena Martino, Frédéric Masclaux

Concurrent sessions

  1. Mycorrhizas in agro- and agroforestry ecosystems

conveners: Erik Verbruggen, Amadou Ba

  2. Mycorrhizal microbiomes

conveners: Christina Kaiser, Mika Tarkka

  3. Acquisition, assimilation and transport of nutrients and carbon in mycorrhizal symbioses

conveners: Joske Ruytinx, Katsuharu Saito

  4. Modelling of mycorrhizas

conveners: Andrea Schnepf, Edward R. Brzostek

  5. Mycorrhizas in plant and fungal invasions

conveners: Ian Dickie, Anne Pringle

  6. Population genetics/genomics/DNA polymorphism

conveners: Nicolas Corradi, Martina Peter

  7. Mycorrhizal carbon fluxes and carbon sequestration

conveners: Iver Jakobsen

  8. Emerging technologies to make new discoveries in mycorrhizal physiology and ecology

conveners: Franziska Krajinski, Barbara Drigo

  9. Advances in biological conservation through a better understanding of mycorrhizal ecology

conveners: Marc-André Selosse, Zhu L. Yang

10. Soil and climate feedbacks in mycorrhizal biogeography and ecology

conveners: Baodong Chen, José-Ignacio Querejeta

11. Integrating mycorrhizas into plant community ecology

conveners: Jim Bever, Jeff Powell

12. Molecular programming of mycorrhizal symbioses

conveners: Annegret Kohler, Pierre-Emmanuel Courty


  1. In-situ mycorrhizal function – how do we get relevant data from a messy world?

organized by: Ylva Lekberg and Thorunn Helgason

  2. Common mycorrhizal networks – how common and how important they are?

organized by: Jonathan R. Leake

  3. Species concept of Glomeromycota

organized by: Tom Bruns and Maarja Öpik

  4. Mycorrhiza for human welfare – past, present and future

organized by: Manuela Giovannetti and Joyce Jefwa

  5. Specificity in mycorrhizal symbioses: an evolvable trait?

organized by: Martin Bidartondo and Marcel Bucher

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