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Emerging technologies to make new discoveries in mycorrhizal physiology and ecology

Scientific advances are often dependent on available technologies. Whereas microscopy and molecular genetic approaches have revolutionized entire biology at earlier and more recent times, respectively, and mycorrhizal physiology and ecology make hardly any exception in this respect, there is still a number of issues to be solved. What is often missing in mycorrhiza research is high spatial resolution and temporal dynamics of the processes related to recognition of symbiotic partners, transport of metabolites and nutrients across symbiotic interface, redistribution of elements and enzymes in the mycorrhizosphere, and direct insights into cascading interactions within complex microbial communities and ecosystem processes at different time scales (from diurnal variation to geological time scales). Whole array of approaches promising new insights into mycorrhizal physiology and ecology shall be discussed in this session such as microdissection – transcriptomics, NanoSIMs or designing chronosequence studies to uncover long-term ecosystem consequences of mycorrhizal symbiosis.

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