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Mycorrhizas in agro- and agroforestry ecosystems

Mycorrhizas are commonly advocated to improve sustainability and productivity of ecosystems from which humans extract resources. These qualities are vital for attenuating the ecological footprint of a growing human population worldwide. In this session we welcome talks on any type of mycorrhiza that give a new insight into ecological functioning of these symbioses in ecosystems under different land-use, with a particular focus on talks that give clear recommendations for the “way forward” in an integrated manner. These can be in the form of a suggested management practice (weighed against alternatives), or through a new understanding of mycorrhizal (community) behavior that informs on their functions in used lands. Whenever possible, talks should extend beyond observations of responses of mycorrhizas to land use (or plants to mycorrhizas), through integrating these into a general conclusion that can be used as a starting point for a discussion to critically evaluate how mycorrhiza can contribute to sustainable land use. Furthermore, we specifically encourage submissions and representation from all continents explicitly including Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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