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Poster instructions

Technical instructions

  • The Poster Area is located in the Meridian room as well as in the foyer.
  • Posters will be organized according to the ID numbers.
  • Posters must be prepared in PORTRAIT style (please DO NOT prepare a landscape poster). The recommended dimensions (for a good legibility) are 100cm high by 90cm wide. Do NOT exceed the overall dimensions of the poster board (180cm high by 97cm wide).
  • Posters should be attached to the boards (carpet material) with velcro stickers, which will be supplied by the organisers. 
  • Fixing material (velcro stickers, pins, etc.) will be available in the Posters Area.


Poster session timing

  • Authors are invited to put up their posters as early as possible starting from Sunday 30 July.
  • The posters will be displayed throughout the entire conference (i.e. from 30 July until 4 August) to facilitate exchange and discussions with your colleagues.
  • Attended poster sessions will be on Monday 31 July (even ID numbers, i.e., ID 2, 4, 6, etc.) and Thursday 3 August (odd ID numbers, i.e., ID 1, 3, 5, etc.). Authors of the posters are requested to be present at their posters during the attended poster sessions to facilitate interactions with their colleagues.
  • Posters will be displayed until Friday 4 August 17:00. We kindly ask the presenters to remove their posters until then, otherwise the posters will be removed and discarded.


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